Use this Quick Start Guide to securely share and monitor the access to your documents.

User login screen

Sign Into User Account

Sign in to your LOCKTERA User Account using your preferred Authentication Protocol; Google or Microsoft Authentication or Email Code  Verification.


Share Secured File: 

  1. Click Create Icon
Create Secure File button, document icon with plus sign in center
Locktera encoder, download permission, passphrase, references, authorized viewers, IP Address and Location filtering, limit date range, read only permission

Create Secure .tera Container File

NOTE: Only the blue fields are required.

  1. Add content files to the TERA container. Either drag and drop your content files or browse your computer for the files and upload them. (This is a required field)
  2. If you wish to allow the recipient to download the content files, drag the toggle button to enable the downloadable feature.
  3. You may designate a password required for the viewer to access the content.
  4. Add Reference Values. Reference values can be used to assign contents to an account #, Case #, or other identifier.
  5. Designate a unique name for the secure file container. By default the system assigns a unique name, however, this field can be edited to any desired file name. (This is a required field)
  6. Add Search Tags to assist with library location of your TERA file.
  7. Add the email addresses of authorized viewers and/or click on “Allow anyone with link to access” the content. (This is a required field)
  8. If required, designate date range that viewers can access the content.
  9. Click “Create Secure Link” to secure the content.

Share Secre Container Link With Recipients

There are 3 ways to share the secure TERA Container Link:

  1. Click “Create Email”. The default email client will open a new email. The Link will be populated into the email body.
  2. Click “Copy HTML” and the HTML TERA file link (in HTML format) will be copied to the clipboard.  Paste the copied data into the desired new email. Link will appear in HTML format.
  3. Click “Copy Link” and the TERA file link (in text format) will be copied to the clipboard. Paste the link in desired email, text application, chat platform, intranet, or email marketing platform.


Share secure container link, copy link, copy html, create email
Access container analytics screen shot

Access File Container Analytics

  1. Click “LIBRARY” icon to access encoded TERA container files.
  2. Click “ANALYTICS” icon to access the TERA container statistics.


Container Analytics Report

Review File Container Analytics

Freuqently Asked Questions

1. Do authorized viewers need to have a LOCKTERA SHARE User account to access my content?


Quick Tips

Getting Started

It is easiest to first build a few TERA Files just using the required fields in blue.