We are committed to inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Effective: March 28, 2023 

At LOCKTERA, we embrace our diverse team and culture.

Our people are encouraged to express their unique voices and draw from their rich experiences to bring fresh ideas to our company. This is why we are committed to a workplace that welcomes every one of us.

An inclusive and diverse workplace

We want our people to feel they can bring their best selves to work. To foster this, we need to ensure our working environment is a safe space in which our people are respected and valued for their differences.

For us, we define an inclusive and diverse workplace as the following:

  • Inclusive: Every voice needs to be valued and heard in an inclusive workplace. We surround ourselves with people from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences, and to foster open collaboration.
  • Diverse: For us, diversity speaks to both the visible factors that describe an individual in terms of gender, age and race; as well as the invisible factors such as background, personality, experience, ethnicity and sexual orientation.