Navigating Law Firm Cybersecurity Challenges

Law firms face unprecedented cybersecurity challenges, becoming prime targets for sophisticated threats like phishing, ransomware, and data breaches, posing risks to client confidentiality and integrity.

Enable Zero Knowledge

Over 27% of law firms experienced security breaches

Law firms, rich in confidential documents, are high value targets for data breeches. Thousands of files are extracted from cycer security vulnerable firms without their knowledge. Often, the first sign of a data breach is a notice for ransom payment. These incidents cause massive financial and reputational damage to law firms.

Enabling zero-knowledge architecture can provide several significant advantages and benefits to your firm: 

  • Build customer trust.
  • Align with privacy regulations, enhance compliance and reduce legal risks.
  • Mitigate insider threats.
  • Differentiate your firm by offering a higher level of security.
  • Reduce the attack surface for potential adversaries. 
  • Grow brand reputation as a trustworthy and privacy-conscious law firm.
  • In the unfortunate event of a data breach, zero-knowledge architecture significantly reduces the impact since the compromised data remains encrypted and unreadable without the proper decryption keys.

Locktera Data Sheet on black Desk top

Learn how a Dallas law firm is using Locktera to mitigate data risk

Download the Locktera Case Study: Enhancing Cybersecurity in an IP Law Firm to learn more about Locktera’s security benefits.

Case Study: IP Law Firm

File Level Security

Keep document files safe when network security has been compromised 

Locktera’s file level security significantly reduces the attack surface. Document files remain secure, even when firewalls have been compromised.  Locktera keeps legal documents, videos and images secure while stored on any server, device or hard drive. Security remains intact when files are shared via email or message application. 

Audit Reports

Comprehensive Audit Reports

Leverage Locktera’s audit reports to forensically track and analyze user engagement, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining a comprehensive record of file access.

Locktera Data Sheet on black Desk top

Learn how to navigate law firm cybersecurity challenges.

Download the Locktera Whitepaper: Navigating Law Firm Cybersecurity Challenges.

Navigating Law Firm Cybersecurity