Zero-Knowledge Technology — your data deserves the strongest defense

Zero Knowledge ensures that service providers have no access to the actual content or sensitive information being shared or stored. Your data deserves the strongest defense. This heightened level of privacy is particularly crucial in today’s digital landscape, where concerns about data breaches and unauthorized access are prevalent.

Why Zero Knowledge Technology?

User Empowerment

Locktera empowers users to take control over their own data. With Locktera, users are the sole custodians of their decryption keys, and they decide what information to share and with whom. This control aligns with the principles of user-centric privacy and data ownership.

Data Security

Locktera encrypts data in a way that only the user possesses the decryption key. This means that even if Locktera’s systems are compromised, the encrypted data remains unreadable without the user’s specific key. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

Locktera’s architecture aligns well with data protection regulations and privacy laws. By minimizing the exposure of user data, organizations can adhere to stringent compliance requirements and demonstrate a commitment to privacy standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA.

Secure Data Sharing and Collaboration

With Locktera, users can share encrypted information with others without compromising the confidentiality of the data. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals working in collaborative environments where data sharing is essential.

Quantum Safe

Locktera’s Zero Knowledge architecture is designed to resist quantum attacks, ensuring continued security even in the face of evolving threats.

79% of consumers are concerned about the use of their data

Pew Research

68% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider threats


Insider Treat Report

74% of organizations say inside attacks are more frequent



Gurucul Threat Report

84% of consumers want more control over their personal information




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Enable Zero Knowledge

Unlock Zero Knowledge architecture with Locktera 

Enabling zero-knowledge architecture can provide several significant advantages and benefits to your company: 

  • Build trust among customers and users.
  • Align the company with privacy regulations such as GDPR, enhancing compliance and reducing legal risks.
  • Mitigate insider threats.
  • Differentiate your organization by offering a higher level of security.
  • Reduce the attack surface for potential adversaries. Even in the event of a system breach, the encrypted nature of the data makes it extremely challenging for attackers to extract meaningful information.
  • Users are more likely to stick with a company that prioritizes privacy, leading to higher customer retention rates.
  • Grow brand reputation as a trustworthy and privacy-conscious organization.
  • In the unfortunate event of a data breach, zero-knowledge architecture significantly reduces the impact since the compromised data remains encrypted and unreadable without the proper decryption keys.

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Use Locktera Share to send files securely and document every viewer access.

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