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Securely exchange, control and monitor digital assets at rest or on the move with Locktera Share SaaS Platform.


Solid end-to-end encryption

Employ end-to-end encryption to secure your communications, data, and information from unauthorized access, ensuring that only the intended recipients can decrypt and access the content. Digital files are encrypted at the sender’s end point and remain secure until they reach the intended recipient’s end point. Files can only be decrypted by the recipient after the recipient is authorized and authenticated.


PQC enabled

Businesses are preparing for the potential threats posed by quantum computers to the traditional cryptographic systems. Start sending and storing digital files with Locktera’s post quantum enabled encryption tools. Simple implementation and integration makes it easy to take steps to protect your business against post-quanum threats now. Bring your own storage options available.

You’re always protected with Locktera

Locktera’s file level security travels where your file goes. True in motion security.


Leverage multiple levels of security tools

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to security. Apply appropriate levels of security using Locktera’s configuable toolset to assign multiple layers of security. Configure digital rights management permission rules on top of Locktera’s proprietary AES/PQC encryption layer. 


Authenticate viewers prior to access

Enable Locktera’s OAuth 2.0 integration to authenticate viewers prior to accessing digital files. OAuth is the industry-standard protocol for authorization. The OAuth standard is designed to allow Users to access the Locktera portal and to allow viewers to access shared content. 

Access Permissions

Limit By Location

Designate specific locations where documents must be accessed. Block locations of known adversaries from accessing digital files.

Require Password

Require a strong password to access digital files. When the failed password attempts are exceeded, the file is locked until the sender unlocks the file.

Download Permission

By default digital files are designated for viewing only. Grant recipients permission to download the files if they choose.

Limit Number of Views

Designate the number of times authorized viewers can access digital content files. Content files are locked once the viewer meets the access limit.

Limit By IP Address

Designate a specific IP Address where documents must be accessed. Block IP Addresses that you wish to block.

Limit To Date Range

Limit access to digital files to a specific date range. Once the end date is reached, viewers can no longer access the files’ contents.

Revoke access to digital files at any time, any place

Locktera Data Sheet on black Desk top

Use Locktera Share to send files securely and document every viewer access.

Download the Locktera Share Data Sheet to learn more about Locktera’s feature rich security tools. 


Use your own storage. Take control of data sovereignty and compliance.


Leverage pre-existing Cloud Service Provider (CSP) accounts while enjoying the benefits and features of Locktera Share. Maintain direct oversight of your information with Locktera Bring your own storage (BYOS) solution.


Integrate Locktera quantum safe tools into existing platforms.


Secure enterprise platforms with Locktera’s feature rich Developer API. Quantum safe encryption and configurable digital rights management permissions can be integrated into your application with ease. 

Locktera encoder secures any file type

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