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Welcome to the future of secure file sharing!

Start Sharing Files

Getting started is easy. The three fields in blue are required. Simply:

  1. Upload files
  2. Designate authorized viewers
  3. Click Secure Files

Files are then ready to share or store.

Add Additional Security Rules

With Locktera you can add multiple levels of security:


    • Read Only Permission
    • Require Password
    • Limit Access by number of views
    • Limit Access to Date Range
    • Limit Access by Location
    • Limit Access to IP Address

Send Secure Files Using Any Email Client

Simply click on “Copy HTML” and paste it into the body of an email. Send email to the authorized viewers and wait for notification that they opened it.

Send secure file by text message

Send files of any size securely by message or chat Apps

Analyze Viewer Engagement

Locktera allows you to see how viewers engaged with your content.